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He inspires you to perform better

Longy AGOHA is specialized in Coaching, Training, Motivating, Empowering and Inspiring people to perform better in all areas of their lives. He believes that people do things in this world because of a particular reason. There is always a reason WHY and HOW in all of our actions. He adapts his training programmes to suit each and every one of his trainees by using proven principles from the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic methods.

In his Public Speaking and Life Coaching seminars, he shows his trainees how to speak to people's Emotions (the seat of behaviors, trust and above all decision making) rather than to their intellect. As a Multicultural Linguist (English and French), he can deliver his training in either language.

As a Communications Consultant, he knows first hand what effective communication means to an individual and professionals. In most cases it determines and becomes the life line of the person and for a company. With an indepth knowledge in the psychology of communication, he will advise you or your organisation on the dos and the don'ts in communication.

As a Soft Skills Advisor, he will help you to become the best in your job by helping you define who you really are and also help you to develop people's skills which is arguably one of the most sought after skill in the workplace today.
Contact him today for a free estimate if you plan to organise a seminar, training session or a workshop in your business organisation, your school or your church.

Here are some of his areas of expertise


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  • How to become an effective leader
  • How to develop interpersonal skills
  • Time management techniques
  • Develop good communication skills  
  • How to use soft skills to perform better in life



  • Career counseling for students
  • Develop effectieve communication in French (speaking and writing)
  • Accent reduction (articulate and pronounce words correctly)
  • English grammar made easy (eliminate common mistakes in English)
  • How to make effective presentations
  • How to communicate and speak effectively
  • How to use Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Emotional and Psychological counselling
  • Develop your communication skills in French
  • French language grammar and syntax made easy
  • Prepare DELF and DALF exams
  • French Language Exchange program to France for schools


  • Team and staff coaching course
  • Interpersonal skills development training
  • Sales and good customer services training
  • Dealing with conflicts in the workplace
  • Strategic and critical thinking training course
  • Learn to write business letters, proposals, contracts etc
  • Translation and interpretation services (French & English)



  • Learn French with the latest mateirals in the market today
  • French grammar made easy
  • Rules of writing French without making mistakes
  • Speak French like the natives
  • Improve your diction 
  • Learn common French phrases and expressions  
  • Learn to make and give presentations in French
  • Learn Public Speaking in French
  • Prepare and pass DELF and DALF exams with ease
  • Learn French through SKYPE with native speakers   
  • Study in France (processing of visa and schools in France)